Season 3

S3 EP8: Through Smoke

This week a slightly delirious Thomas and Nick talk through some wonderfully smoky fragrances that are perfect for the autumn/winter seasons. Oh and they smell some materials that add a touch of smoke. It’s basically an episode about smoke. 

Season 3

S3 EP7: Nº5 Deep Dive

CHANEL has just released their new Nº5 campaign featuring Nick’s doppelgänger, Academy Award winning actress, Marion Cotillard. To celebrate we’re taking a deep dive into the history of the most famous perfume in the world (the icon, the legend CHANEL Nº5) – we discuss its creation and sniff the five versions currently available. Join Thomas&hellip

Season 3

S3 EP5: Vetiver is Like, Really Versatile

This week we are exploring the material vetiver. This clumpy grass is one of the most beautiful smelling and versatile perfume materials, with a vast and varied odour profile. We sniff some key vetiver materials and some iconic scents. So, get ready to hear us say the word “vetiver” about a million times and brace&hellip

Season 3

S3 EP3: We Really Love Bergamot

We really love bergamot, it’s true. But what is it? How is it used in perfumery? And why is it so prolific in the perfumes we smell? Find out all of the answers to these questions and to many questions you’d not even asked in our latest episode. Oh and we also sniff some of&hellip

Season 3

S3 EP2: Perfume and the Pandemic

We’re back! Yes, OK, we know we said that last time and then we disappeared for six months, but we really mean it this time – Fume Chat is back! In this episode we talk about the pandemic and how it has impacted the perfume industry. We also sniff some new scents, you know, because&hellip

Season 2

S2 EP16: Best Perfumes of the Decade

In the final episode of Series Two, we are celebrating 2020 with a look back at the most important fragrances of the last decade. Which fragrances had the biggest impact? Which were the most beautiful? Which perfumes set the trends and what were the trends? Find out episode 16!