Thomas & Nick

Hello and Welcome to Fume Chat!

Fume Chat is a podcast exclusively dedicated to fragrances, hosted by perfume experts and super fans, Thomas Dunckley and Nick Gilbert. Thomas writes the five-time Jasmine Award winning fragrance Blog, The Candy Perfume Boy, and Nick is the co-owner of fragrance
house/consultancy, Olfiction.

Our mission at Fume Chat is simple: we want to make fragrance accessible and fun. You don’t need to know anything about fragrance to listen – all you need is an open mind and a curious nose (although, a sense of humour doesn’t go amiss tbh). We want to demystify the hidden world of fragrance so enthusiasts, consumers and casual listens can all understand, and enjoy it the way we do.

Whether we are smelling new launches, chatting about fragrance topics, interviewing industry insiders, or battling our fave scents, Fume Chat is always fun, insightful and worth a listen.

We release a new episode of Fume Chat every Friday. To subscribe please follow the links below: